ONAK Foldable Origami Canoe


Hi, we are Thomas & Otto, founders of ONAK.

In 2013, we started with the development of the ONAK foldable origami canoe. Frustrated with the products on the market at that time, we wanted something performing equally well or better than a hard canoe, while remaining easy to transport, store and setup. Countless protoypes and a succesful kickstarter later, we are very proud that our award winning canoe is widely available and can be classified as the best performing foldable canoe. All while being 100% recyclable and extremely durable.


  • Your canoe for life
  • Unfolds in less than 15 minutes (7 minutes for the pros)
  • Durable & innovative material
  • Fully recyclable
  • Take it everywhere with you
  • Easy to store and to carry around

Enquiries: 07766 010 048

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